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Now Thats What I Call Music - Discography (1-78).rar (April-2022)


Download: https://geags.com/2k59kn


I put all 7 discographies into one (1-78) You can find it at my second homepage where i have all my music and stuff here. You can read it and it shows the names, bpm and everything about my discography. only discography 1-7 have been complete so far. all 7 discographies will be on my homepage in the future. i have just added 2 music to my discography and i dont have a home page yet so, if you want to know how the discography is, you will have to go to my ftp archive which i can give you to. this discography was created with a program which i had to create myself so, i dont know how that would work for you. it works on 2 browsers, ie and firefox. when the discography is up, it will open the music in one of the two. the dvd-video was recorded by me with a film camera. this discography is filled with information. the names are searchable. the bpm is searchable. the tempo is searchable. the key is searchable. the musician and composer, the recording studio and band, my self.and the lyrics. all i have done here is add the musicians, their names, and the way i like to name them. name every song and don't worry about the autocomplete suggestions. i just tested it and i can't find my music. do you want just a list with all artists or a complete discography with detailed information? all i have done here is add the musicians




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Now Thats What I Call Music - Discography (1-78).rar (April-2022)

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